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CEA-LETI Days, Grenoble (24-25 June)

Dr. Levent Gürgen and Dr. Laurent Herault from ClouT CEA team gave presentations during the session “Smart Cities and Fluidity” in CEA LetiDays event, held on 24-25 June 2015 in Grenoble, France:

  • Dr. Laurent Herault presentation topic: “European perspective of smart cities’ activities at CEA-LETI”
  • Dr. Levent Gürgen presentation topic: “Horizontal IoT platform for smart cities”

Themes for this year’s gathering included Internet of Things-augmented mobility, which is revolutionizing the way we interact with appliances, infrastructure and countless common objects that are part of our daily lives. Managing these connected devices and the services and apps they offer is a growing challenge, but the IoT also will provide a wide range of opportunities for our economies.

Live from LetiDays:

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