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Citizen Survey results in Genova (113 participants)

The largest group of citizens who completed the survey refused to provide the demographic information for this reason this information was not considered during the survey analysis.

Over 80% of respondents have a smartphone, this result shows the market penetration rates of smartphone is very high and for the Municipality of Genova it is a very good starting point because in the last two years it has started experimenting mobile applications. Survey results also show that, among the survey participants, digital divide is lower than what reported in previous statistics, with a percentage of 32,8% of respondents who are “quite familiar” with the use of smart phones and 39% who are “very familiar”. This is a very good indicator because the municipality was the promoter of several actions in this direction. Regarding the mobile operative system there is a prevalence of iOS and Android.

In question 5 citizens were asked to check the application or applications of IoT they were more interested in. In the graph below we depict the results. Very good inputs came from this question for the Municipality of Genova. We see how the city still needs to work on certain IoT fields which collected high consensus, but at the same time it is already very active on other fields which are also considered interesting by respondents. For example the Municipality is already very active on IoT, and in particular weather sensors and hydrometers, with the Civil Protection API (developed during and thanks to ClouT Project) and Public Transport Projects (Projects: 3iPlus, Movues SIMON with Google GTFS).

Applications of IoT – preferences from Genova citizens


Through question 6 respondents were asked to rate (from 1 – not interested – to 5 – very interested) the five field trials developed in ClouT. The results showed how IoNonRischio is considered to be an important system for the common citizen collecting 78,8% of “interested” and “very interested rating. It is interesting to see that also the classification of Social Events provided by Fujisawa is positively evaluated by Genoa citizens.

Regarding the section dedicated to IoNonRischio, the results collected are really very important both to improve the application and the local IOT systems and datasets. Citizens provided positive feedback from the experience in using the first release of the IoNonRischio powered by ClouT. Through question 7 we see that among the features offered by IoNonRischio citizens consider very important: Areas of risk (Geospatial database), Infomobility Webcam, Weather Sensors. The most popular is the Civil Protection Alarm Systems. As a result during the next months the municipality of Genova will integrate in the app also the Facebook Channel and improve the Twitter module using Oauth.

Finally, open questions provided very useful inputs about: datasets, GIS functionalities, ways of behavior, usability, social network services.

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