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Citizen Survey results in Mitaka and Fujisawa (70 participants)

Citizen survey results provide a current view of citizens’ attitude towards cloud computing and IoT in Japan. Citizens in Mitaka or Fujisawa, which are the field trial cities in Japan for this project, responded to the questions mainly.   The analysis we provide here takes into consideration the answers that came from 70 participants. Characteristics of people who responded to the survey are as follows.


Overall, citizens are keenly interested in cloud computing and IoT and expect to get benefits of the services utilizing those technology. Over 90% of the citizens responded “Very much Familiar” or “Moderately Familiar” to the question about smartphone usage, this result shows that the market penetration rates of smartphone is very high. Another remarkable point is that many people are interested in “Risk management for natural disaster” and “Real time tourism information” as field trials.

  1. How familiar are you with Cloud technology?Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_2
  2. In which fundamental models of Cloud are you interested?Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_3
  3. How familiar are you with IoT devices?Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_4
  4. The following list illustrates a set of dataset (IoT devices, geo spatial database) that can potentially be provided by our Local Authority. Please indicate your level of interest for their provision:Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_5
  5. The following list illustrates the four field trials in the four cities within the consortium have been developed during the first year of the project. Please indicate your level of interest for their provision:Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_6

  6. How familiar are you with the usage of smartphone in general?Citizen_Survey_MIT_FUJ_7

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