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ClouT at IoT week 2016

CEA-Leti and KEIO partners held a booth for ClouT project during IoT week 2016, in Belgrade. ClouT project available results have been also presented during plenary session.

IoT Week 2016, Discovering new dimensions of IoT


ClouT EU and Japanese members also organized a panel on International collaboration on Research Day – June 2 – “International collaboration (EU, Brasil, Japan, S. Korea, Australia)”.

More details:

Finally,  ClouT tools have been used during the IoT week 2016 Hackathon together with results from ICT research projects SocIoTal, RERUM, Almanac, and Microsoft.


IoT week 2016 Hackathon, dedicated to make your neighborhood or your city a better place!

Hackathon participants have been provided with all needed information and tutorials to start developping an application using ClouT results and in particular the SensiNact gateway from CEA partner. ClouT sensiNact Gateway provides access to Santander, Genova, Fujisawa and Mitaka real-time data.


More information on hackathon find

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