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ClouT booth in Kyoto Smart City Expo 2016 (1-3 June)

NTTE and NTTRD partners held a booth for ClouT project during the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2016 within the EU-Japan village (managed by the JEUPISTE project for Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science and Technology).

Many conversations about smart cities challenges and possible collaboration with Europe.


Smart City Expo 2016: Region and Industries creating a sustainable and liveable future. This event will bring 10 000 smart city professionals from Japan and worldwide.

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To contribute to a sustainable society by reviewing the results of the Kyoto Smart City Expositions up to now, and joining with the “Smart City Expo World Congress” developed by Barcelona, Spain. We built and generate Smart City from Keihanna, Kyoto, to join in the expanding Smart City market, as well as promoting the creation of new markets through forming a network to interact with regions all over the world, business, and technology.

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