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ClouT EU-JP Surveys results

In the month of September 2014, ClouT launched a set of surveys to collect feedback both from citizens and stakeholders on IoT + Cloud related concepts, in Europe and in Japan.

The surveys targeted two different audiences: Stakeholders, intended mainly as municipalities and IT specialists in the area of cloud computing and IoT, and Citizens both from the cities members of the ClouT project and other cities.

The main results of both the stakeholder and the citizens surveys are available:

•    ClouT Stakeholder Survey results (76 participants)

Through the stakeholder survey 76 people have been interviewed coming from IT companies, cities, education and research centres, application developers and service providers:

ClouT Stakeholder Survey results (76 participants)

•    ClouT Citizens Survey  results (237 participants)

The citizens surveys were tailored to collect feedback on ClouT related topics from citizens of the cities partners of the project. The survey was divided into 3 sections: Introduction, ClouT field trials and Demographic information. The middle section – ClouT field trials – was specific for each city and aimed at collecting information regarding the city applications being developed in ClouT. We collected 113 replies for the survey run in Genova, 54 for the survey run in Santander and 70 for the one run in Mitaka and Fujisawa. A preliminary analysis is available for each survey:

Citizen Survey in Genova (113 participants)

Citizen Survey in Mitaka and Fujisawa (70 participants)

Citizen Survey in Santander (54 participants)

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