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ClouT intercontinental field trial now launched in 4 pilots cities ! (12 Feb.)

ClouT Smart City Platform interconnecting European and Japanese cities

ClouT project has started its intercontinental field trial since mid-February 2016 in the 4 pilot cities simultaneously: Santander, Genova, Fujisawa and Mitaka cities are feeding the ClouT platform with their respective city data collected from various heterogeneous data sources such as sensors, web sites, legacy devices and citizens. As a result, the ClouT platform will provide smart city indicators for better citizens’ quality of life such as the number of smiling citizens happy to live in their city, current use of public transport facilities including bikes sharing services and levels of pollution (air, noise).

Each city status is now displayed in real-time through both web and mobile dashboards, as well as in physical public spaces such as Fujisawa City Hall, Mitaka Industry Plaza (below) and Santander Tourism Office. Citizens are welcomed to participate to the friendly competition between the 4 pilot cities until end of March 2016! Coupons should be offered by local shops.


Intercontinental field trial : Mitaka Industry Plaza public display

How to access to ClouT Collaboration and Competition Web dashboards (also for public displays):

How to access to ClouT Collaboration and Competition mobile dashboards:

ClouT Collaboration and Competition dashboard between the 4 pilot cities (beta version):

More details:

Press release in Japanese from NTT EAST (Feb. 12 2016):


Technical details:

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