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ClouT Reference Architecture – October 2014 – Full description   arrow

 Overview (CPaaS / CIaaS)


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ClouT Reference Architecture – October 2014

City Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Development and processing tools

City Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS)

Exploiting computing and sensing resources available to the City


City Software as a Service (CSaaS)

Outside the architecture: applications developed on ClouT


City Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS)


  • The IoT Kernel comprises all the IoT resources available to the City
  • The Sensorisation and Actuatorisation component is responsible for the “sensorisation” of legacy devices, rendering such resources IoT-compliant sensors and/or actuators
  • The Interoperability & City Resource Virtualisation component is in charge of validating and converting data gathered from both IoT and sensorised devices
  • The Computing and Storage offers all the physical and virtualized computing, networking and storage resources that are required to store, retrieve and elaborate city data
  • The City Infrastructure Management offers centralized search capabilities and event management on the discovered city resources


City Platform as a Service (CPaaS)


  • The City Resource Access offers the middleware software that enables the storing and retrieval of the collected city data, together with the associated metadata
  • The City Data Processing component enables the analysis and extraction of the data archived inside the cloud storage. It offers querying interfaces that are exposed to the overlaying services
  • The City Service Composition is both for technically oriented and un-experienced users to mash-up and aggregate data and services offered by deployed applications


Security & Dependability Functionalities

ClouT Security & Dependability Functionalities

  • Provides services for all the architectural modules
  • CSaaS applications can leverage A.A.A. facilities or use their autonomous security modules (and federate)
  • Dependability block monitors all the resources hardware and software
  • Encryption facilities are provided


 All descriptions available in ClouT project deliverable

ClouT Deliverable 1.3  – Final Requirements and Reference Architecture

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