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ClouT video:Full ClouT concept+3 use cases

4 videos showing practical uses of ClouT by citizens and cities:

#1 ClouT concept : The Cloud of Things
How ClouT can help smart cities to provide responsive services to improve the quality of life of their citizens ?

#2 ClouT Smart City Resource Management
How ClouT can help a young citizen to be more involved in the resource management of his City by reporting events and incidents?

#3 ClouT Safety & Emergency Management
How ClouT can help citizens and cities preventing dangerous situations and giving real-time notifications about natural disasters?

#4 ClouT Citizen Health & Pleasant Enhancement
How ClouT can help elderly people to create and participate to social activities and to take health benefits from these?

Full ClouT concept+3 use cases from ClouT EU-Japan project on Vimeo.

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