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The ClouT consortium is a strong partnership of leading European and Japanese industry as well as universities and research centres in the area of IoT and cloud computing. In addition, 4 cities have fully committed to transform their cities into the smart ones with the ClouT achievements. This partnership brings together a unique blend of expertise in combining IoT and Cloud for the service of citizens. The great experience of the consortium members in past and current research projects will ensure that ClouT will be successful in meeting its scientific, technical, economic and societal objectives.


The overall ClouT consortium is made of 13 partners, 6 from 3 different European countries and 7 from Japan of which: 2 research centers, 2 universities, 5 large industrials and 4 cities.

Concrete exploitation of project outputs is guaranteed as the industry partners are ideally placed along the ClouT value chain ranging from IoT technology providers (ST-Microelectronics and Panasonic), to service and cloud providers (Engineering and NTT R&D). The two research centres of the consortium, namely CEA-LETI and NII, are prestigious institutions that have the same main goal which is to bring innovation to the industry. The two universities of the consortium, University of Cantabria and University of Keio, are largely recognised institutions on respectively smart cities and wireless sensor actuator systems for context-aware applications. They are in strong relationship with their respective city authorities, Santander and Fujisawa, to help them to become “smarter”. In addition, Genova and Mitaka have already initiated smart city activities within, respectively, the “Genova Smart City initiative” and Mitaka’s “Fourth Mitaka fundamental plan (2011-2022)”.

This is a perfectly balanced consortium to attain the challenging objectives of the project.


4th F2F meeting, 13-15 October 2014, Genova

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