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EC-NICT review meeting, Kamakura station demonstration (25 May)

ClouT project’s second review NICT-EC meeting has been held on 26th May in NTTE premises, Tokyo. Fujisawa surfboard and smiley Coupon field trials have been presented on 27th May in Kamakura station in presence of Enoshima Electric Railway manager, one of the main ClouT stakeholder together with Fujisawa Smart Development Town.

  • Fujisawa surfboard informs visitors in real-time about the events, weather conditions and traffic information to choose the best route and right moment to reach sightseeing sites from Kamakura station.
Surfboard 1

Takuro Yonezawa from Keio University explaining the Fujisawa Surfboard concept and use of ClouT technology.

Information from Santander city has been also provided on the dashboard, thus demonstrating the replicability of the ClouT technology in another city thanks to ClouT sensorized data. Besides the purpose of the ClouT review meeting, displaying information from another city could also foster friendship between citizens and visitors of both cities.

Surfboard 2

ClouT Japanese and European teams, with NICT and EC project officers and reviewers (at the center), as well as Enoshima electric railway stakeholders (on the left).

  • Smiley Coupon motivates visitors to move in Fujiwawa area. For instance, in order to reach the popular point “Enoshima Sea Candle” (lighthouse observation) which is about 1 hour trip from Kamakura station. According the smile level of visitors, rewards to be won are electronic coupons to be exchanged at the desk of the lighthouse.
Smile 1

Masaki Ogawa from Keio University presenting the concept of Smiley Coupon according the “degree of Smile”

Smile 2

ClouT project EU coordinator trying to get above 80% of smile level in order to win a coupon for discount.


More technical information on Fujisawa Field Trials:

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