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Fujisawa City: Surfboard + Smile Coupon applications   arrow

The purpose of “Eno-kama Info Surfboard” and “Smile Coupon” field trial applications is to provide event information and traffic information in Fujisawa area to tourists in real time, in order to create a new route for tourists to sightseeing. In addition, event information motivates tourists to stay longer and leads to revitalize the stores and restaurants.

field-trial-FUJ_2The basic idea is since tourists can get information from various data sources in real time, tourists could know exactly what is going on in Fujisawa area in real time.


How it works?

This real time information is shared with citizens and tourists through a personalized city dashboard on the web, and via mobile applications and public displays or projector lights (such as Space Player).


What’s new?

The “Eno-kama Info Surfboard” and “Smile Coupon” applications aim to change tourist behaviour by leveraging IoT sensors and actuators. These two applications are based on ClouT architecture and are deployed in Kamakura station in cooperation with Enoshima Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. While “Surfboard” is providing city context information, “Smile coupons” is providing discounts at the local shops. The more you smile the more you have discount!

  • Eno-kama Info Surfboard : Enoshima station concentrates various information from Fujisawa area and could provide information such as:
  1. Displaying the predictive image of Mt. Fuji with sunset and providing current wind conditions for tourists planning to take a walk,
  2. Level of congestion of Enoshima lighthouse, aquarium, or popular restaurants in real time,
  3. Evacuation information such as refuges or hill in case of emergency such as Tsunami.
  • Smile coupon system : is an interactive coupon system integrated with public display. When a user make a smile in front of the display, the reward of the coupon is changed according to the smile level. The type of reward is also changed according to IoT sensor information such as weather. It leverages local sensor information (i.e. smile level, etc) and remote sensor information (i.e. weather, etc) effectively. To obtain the coupon, only the user need to do is taking photo of the display with smile with his/her camera or smartphone. The coupon can be used in Fujisawa area, so that users are motivated to move Fujisawa area.

Integration with ClouT platform


Integrated architecture for Fujisawa fiel trial

Expected impact:

“Eno-kama Info Surfboard” and “Smile Coupon” applications will provide perfect sightseeing environment for Enoshima area tourists by providing city information such as traffic, events or emergency in appropriate time.

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