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Genova city: “I don’t risk” field trial   arrow

 The purpose of this field trial is to inform citizens about good practices and general information about environmental risks and emergency situations.


“I don’t risk” user interface

The basic idea is that individual exposure to these risks can be significantly reduced through the knowledge of the problem, awareness of the possible consequences, taking some simple precautions.


How it works?

“I don’t risk” application uses environmental and weather data from weather sensors, hydrometers, webcams, etc. and provides information to the citizens and the Civil Protection agency of Genova city.

What’s new?

Using the functionalities provided by ClouT such as the cloud storage to store historical sensor data and build statistical information which will be used to send weather forecast or specific emergency alarms to the citizens.


“I don’t risk ” pilot application will provide information such as:

  • The rules of conduct in critical situation
  • Seismic (earthquake)
  • Weather risk, hydraulic and hydrological (floods, flooding, landslides)
  • Weather sensor data
  • Critical events
  • City webcams
  • Air Sensors
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Social Network Services (integration with Civil Protection Channel)

Integration with ClouT platform

The picture below shows the general architecture of the “I don’t risk” field trial application following the ClouT three layers representation:

  • CIaaS layer contains the modules related to the existent Genova infrastructure. They collect the data from sensors and provide them to the upper CPaaS through standard RestFull API.
  • In the CPaaS layer, “I don’t risk” application uses the Cloud Storage functionalities, in order to store historical data from sensors: this result is achieved by using a specific software agent that performs data polling from Genova infrastructure services.


Expected impact:

“I don’t risk” application will provide relevant information through mobile devices in order to reduce concrete risk for citizens in critical situations in appropriate time.

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