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IoT 2015 workshop, Seoul (27 October)

Worldwide collaboration for global IoT solutions

ClouT is co-organizing a workshop « Worldwide collaboration for global IoT solutions » on October 27th in conjunction with the 5th international conference on Internet of Things 2015 in Seoul.

This workshop brings together some example collaboration efforts between European, American and Asian institutes in the IoT domain. The participants will share with the audience their experiences with such collaborations, share best practices and lessons learnt. The presenters will also be able to provide guidelines for future collaboration opportunities.

Workshop program on Tuesday October 27th (from 13:00 ~ 15:00):

  • EU-Japan collaboration for smarter cities (L. Gürgen, EU Project Coordinator, CEA, France)
  • EU-China collaboration in IoT (P. Cousin, CEO, Easy Global Market, France)
  • EU-US-Asia collaboration within the Auto-ID Labs: research, standardization and regulation development (J. Mitsugi, Keio University, Japan)
  • Introduction about the IoT application situation in China (J. Shen, Vice President, WSN, China)
  • The Construction of Smart Cities: Learning from Korea (Jae Yong LEE, KRIHS: Korea Research Institute for Human Steelements, Korea)
  • EU-Korea collaboration with open source IoT platforms (J. Kim, Head, KETI, Korea)

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