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Santander City: Smiley Coupon field trial Replication   arrow

Smiley Coupon application aims to provide customized coupons for the citizens and visitors according to their degree of smile.

Enhanced shopping experience in Santander city will be achieved thanks to the participation of a wide range commercial establishments such as restaurants and shops (fashion, souvenirs). Smiley Coupon will be running in Santander from December 2015 in the entrance of the tourism office within a public display the e-kiosk (500 visitors per month in the winter period).

This application is a replication of Fujisawa Smiley Coupon field trial in the city of Santander.


Fig 1. Smiley Coupon main screen in Fujisawa (a), in Santander (b)

How it works?

Service is presented as an interactive coupon system integrated within a public display, the e-kiosk (Figure 2a) provided by Santander municipality. This e-kiosk will cover a twofold approach, on the one hand it will allow users to carry out different administrative procedures and, on the other hand, it will present the possibility of getting an offer through the use of the smiley coupon. In this sense, they will be presented an application to the user with several buttons for selecting accordingly. When selected the smiley coupon option, camera automatically activates (Figure 1b) and user can see her image in the screen. The user will have a time slot for trying to get the highest degree of smile (measured in percentage by the application). Once this time expires, camera window will close automatically and a popup will be launched indicating the maximum degree of smile achieved by user during this time period, and the corresponding offers he can opt to according to his preferences.

It is important to highlight that due to privacy issues, image will not be recorded, but just shown and processed in real time for getting the maximum degree of smile and the associated discount coupon, storing both values for statistical purposes.


Fig2. Santander E-kiosk

What’s new?

This application presents an innovative way of fostering the participation and involvement of citizens, offering them discounts in different shops just in exchange of smiling to a screen. This also contributes to improve the sense of humour of the users as well as to interact among them when they see themselves or others smiling to the screen.


Marco has just arrived to Santander from Italy. This is his first time in Santander, so he decides to go to the tourist office in order to get some interesting information of the city.

  • As he arrives to the office, while waiting, he realizes about a machine placed just within the office at which people is looking and smiling continuously. He decides to get close to the machine and starts interacting with it.
  • In that moment, he is challenged by Aurélie, a French tourist that has just been smiling to the camera getting a maximum degree of smile of 72%. Marco accepts the challenge and start smiling to the camera, moving and trying to get a higher degree of smile.
  • Once timer expires, pop-up shows the degree of smile obtained (only 68%) and the discount coupon associated (in this case 5 % in a shoe shop).

Expected impact:

On the one hand, make the city an attractive and open place for the tourists visiting the tourism office, and on the other hand provide discounts that can be used by both visitors and citizens, thus contributing to activate the commercial sector in the city of Santander.

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