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Second F2F meeting in Santander

The second ClouT F2F meeting has been held in Santander on 7-10 October in Santander (Spain).

October 7-10,  University Of Cantabria, Santander


The meeting has been held at Edificio de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación, University of Cantabria, Pza. de la Ciencia, Ayuntamiento de Santander.

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ClouT partners 1

Time Table

1st Day, October 7th (Deliverable 6.1 oriented)

13:45   Opening lunch
14:45   Welcome remarks (Luis Munoz, University of Cantabria)
15:00   Overall ClouT project status (CEA)
15:45   WP6 – Deliverable 6.1, Quality Plan presentation (CEA)
16:00   Coffee Break
16:30   Overall ClouT project status on JP side (KEIO)
17:15   WP4  – CSaaS and field trials – kick-off (UC / KEIO)

2nd Day, October 8th (WP4 + Deliverables 5.2 oriented)

09:00   Smart Santander visit
11:15   Coffee break
11:30   WP4 – CSaaS and field trials / Discussion on ClouT application scenarios: context-aware urban, participatory sensing, safety/emergency management (UC / KEIO / PANASONIC)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 WP4  – CSaaS and field trials / Plan for field trial implementation in Santander, Genova, Mitaka, Fujisawa : applications to be developed, devices/legacy systems to be used, technical requirements, nb of users that can be involved (UC, ENG, KEIO, SANTANDER, GENOVA, MITAKA, FUJISAWA)
17:00 Coffee Break
17:30 WP5 – Deliverable D5.2, first dissemination and exploitation plan, dissemination materials, H2020 programme (CEA)
20:00 Santander Palacio de la Magdalena visit
21:00 Dinner at Hotel Chiqui

Clout partners at Palacio de la Magdalena 1

3rd Day, October 9th (WP1 + Deliverables 1.2 oriented)

09:00   WP1 – Analysis of D1.1 Use cases and user requirements (ENG)
10:00   WP1 – D1.2 draft, System requirements (ENG)
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00   Domain models (NII)
11:30   WP1– Reference Architecture  IoT (CEA) and Cloud (ENG)
13:00   Lunch
14:00   WP2- Claas Inputs for D1.2 (ENG, NTTRD, NTT EAST)
17:30   Coffee Break
18:00   WP3 – CPaaS Imputs for D1.2 (NII, ENG)

4th Day, October 10th (conclusions + press conference)

09:00 Summary and conclusions
10:00 Press conference with the Mayor of Santander

IMG_1900, minute 15:30

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