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ClouT’s overall concept is leveraging the Cloud Computing as an enabler to bridge the Internet of Things with Internet of People via Internet of Services, to establish an efficient communication and collaboration platform exploiting all possible information sources to make the cities smarter and to help them facing the emerging challenges such as efficient energy management, economic growth and development. ClouT will provide infrastructures, services, tools and applications that will be reused by different city stakeholders such as municipalities, citizens, service developers and application integrators, in order to create, deploy and manage user-centric applications taking benefit of the latest advances in internet of things and cloud domains. ClouT with its user-centric approach, will also offer to end-users the possibility of creating their own Cloud services and share them with other citizens.


ClouT will have the following major outputs:

  • i) a smart city infrastructure with a near to infinity processing and storage capacity of data from trillions of things and people that are integrated via virtual services in the Cloud while keeping their universal interoperability;
  • ii) a set of platform level tools and services aiming at facilitating IoT application development, deployment and supervision;
  • iii) secure data access and processing mechanisms that can handle big data acquired from the heterogeneous sources in quasi real-time;
  • iv) innovative city applications and field trials in four pilot cities: Santander and Genova in Europe, Mitaka and Fujisawa in Japan.

ClouT will reduce costs and time to develop and deploy new applications by using new flavours of public-private partnerships inspired by the Cloud models, supporting win-win strategies for all stakeholders. ClouT’s ultimate goal is to join the forces and create a long-lasting synergy for smart city initiatives between Europe and Japan.

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